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CE Consulting Empresarial

CE Consulting Empresarial offers, through its national network of representative offices, comprehensive consultancy services to professionals and companies in fiscal, accounting, legal and labour issues.
Since 1989 the network of representative offices of CE Consulting Empresarial has grown to more than 140 representative offices in Spain, becoming one of the most important consultancy companies in the domestic market.
CE Consulting Empresarial has opened since 2011 several international representative offices, which provide the company with the capacity of offering clients the best service and achieving national and international recognition.



HIGH TRAINING of specialists, supported by an exclusive training system.

ANTICIPATION, used for decision planning and for choosing the perfect proposal.

STRICT COMPLIANCE with deadlines and conditions.

PERSONALISED RELATIONS. Drafting individual projects.

HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTERISED TECHNOLOGY, relying on the most advanced software of the sector.

STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL MANAGEMENT, pursuant to the basic principles of the professional sector.

INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT. Constant development and improvement of working techniques, methods, procedures and incorporation of legal amendments and technological advances.


Celestino Suero CE Consulting Empresarial

Name: Celestino Suero

Position: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Academic training: He graduated from the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Complutense University/ CEU – San Pablo and obtained two Master’s Degrees, one in Financial Management by ICADE and another by the Centre of  Taxation and Finance Studies (CETE). Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CE Consulting Empresarial.

Working experience: He started his career in the German company BOSCH, working at the Marketing division. Later, he started working at the Accounting, Internal Audit and Credit Control division for the company CANON ESPAÑA, S.A., and after four years of experience there, he joined the French company L’OREAL as the Director of Administrative and Financial Management. From his personal experience, he noticed the need of filling up a gap in consultancy services to professionals which was not satisfied, neither by traditional consultancies, are by large multinational companies. This gave birth to the project, now made real, of CE Consulting Empresarial. He has lectured as Audit Professor at the Business Management Degree (4th year) and as an Accounting Professor in Law Degree at the University Carlos III of Madrid. Currently, he continues teaching at several forums and as a lecturer at the training program of more than 500 employees of CE Consulting Empresarial. He has combined teaching with writing books and articles for different communication media. He also chaired the taxation gathering on Radio Intereconomía.

Expertise: Specialist in international tax, taxation consultancy, tax procedures and business management.

Luis Martín CE Consulting Empresarial

Name: Luis Martín

Position: CEO Deputy Director

Academic training: Degree in Public Administration and Management by the Complutense University of Madrid and the Centre of Taxation and Finance Studies (CETE).

Working experience: He has attended several courses on tax issues. He started his career in CE Consulting Empresarial and, after having worked at different departments and on different fields, he was appointed Deputy Director of CE Consulting Empresarial in 2006.

Expertise: Specialist in quality control and business management.

Javier Sánchez CE Consulting

Name: Javier Sánchez

Position: General Manager of Representative Offices

Academic training: Degree in Human Resources Management by the Complutense University of Madrid and Master in HR Management by the Centre of Financial Studies.

Working experience: He started his career in CE Consulting Empresarial in 1998 and, after having worked at different departments and on different areas, he was appointed Deputy Director of CE Consulting Empresarial in 2007.

Expertise: Specialist in Human Resources Consultancy services and control of franchises management.

Asesor Empresas CE Consulting Empresarial Javier García

Name: Javier García

Position: Chief Comercial Officer

Academic training: Degree in Human Resources Management by the Escuela Social of Madrid and Degree in Tax Law and Tax Consultancy by C.E.R.E.M.

Working experience: His career starts at the labour division of the consultancy firm Asesoría IUDICE S.L.. Later, he is appointed manager of the Labour and Training Division of Proempleo S. Coop. Next, he spends 6 years at García Remacha y Asociados S.A., as the manager of the Labour Divison and gives lectures at the Instituto Madrileño. He joined CE Consulting Empresarial as the Training Manager and HR Manager in 1998. Since 2003 he is the Director General of HR and franchises.

Expertise: in Labour Law and Human Resources consultancy services in recruitment, remuneration policies, assessment and description of profiles and positions.