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In 1999, CE Consulting Empresarial was the very first consultancy company in Madrid to obtain the QUALITY certification according to European ISO 9001 standards, with respect to tax, labour and legal consultancy. This aspect entails an important difference from competitors, considering what it stands for as an INNOVATION in the field of consultancy and considering the GUARANTEE of services provided to our clients. This quality systems have enabled the implementation of standard procedures and methodology for all representative offices of CE Consulting Empresarial.

In order to verify the quality of provided services and maintain clients’ satisfaction level, CE Consulting Empresarial has created the Customer Service Division.

On a regular basis and individually, quality of provided services is supervised and corrective measures and clients’ suggestions and recommendations are implemented, whenever applicable.


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The Internal Human Resources Division of the company designs a permanent training program for each employee, therefore they can anticipate and deal with the problems of more tan 16.000 clients who trust our management.

The size of our network of offices, with more than 160 offices and 600 employees, enables us to arrange courses with some of the best speakers (judges, tax inspectors, professors…) Currently and in order to improve theoretical and practical knowledge of consultants, we implement continous training programmes addressed by qualified personnel of our company.



We have an enhanced videoconference system which facilitates communication and training with clients and other representative offices. This technology is a must-have in a company who considers training essential and when its use provides a better service by optimising costs and improving productivity. The objectives of this system are as follows:

    • Holding meetings or conferences among offices, or with clients.

    • Intercommunication of personnel without having to move from the office, capitalising time and achieving the same results as face-to-face meetings.

    • Access to specialised personnel, through meetings right from the office.

    • Training courses, on both common tools and new applications with only one teacher and with a big audience.

Services provided by CE Consulting Empresarial are enriched by these objectives.



From the very beginning CE Consulting Empresarial has edited its own publications, mainly addressed to our clients, in order to keep them informed on a permanent basis with respect to the current problems of the legal and economic sector. These publications are drafted using a casual and dynamic language that allows the readers to quickly understand the issues approached.

Moreover, our professional trajectory and highly trained staff led to the apparition and cooperation within several media of the written press (Expansión, Cinco Días, Emprendedores, Franquicias Hoy, Nuestros Negocios, Capital) and of the audiovisual press (radio round tables organised by Intereconomía, or Radio Intercontinental radio channels), and in addition to the fame of the brand they attest to the consolidation in this sector as a reference company.

We have also drawn up various monographic publications approaching interest subject matters regarding the tax field (The Simplest Way to Understand Accounting) and the legal field (Family Company and Patrimonial Succession and The Limited Liability Company) that were very welcome due to its practical and disclosing feature.