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CE Consulting Empresarial is a business consultancy formed by a team of advisors and company lawyers with the highest qualification, committed to their work and the needs of clients.

Our wide range of services allows us to cover the tax, accounting, labor and human resources, legal, outsourcing and online marketing areas and to offer you a quick and total attention. 
We are advisors for large companies and SMEs as well as for self-employed professionals.

We prepare and present all types of taxes before the competent bodies. We carry out the best tax planning for your company. Do you need tax advisors?

We prepare the accounting of your company. We present the books and annual accounts before the corresponding bodies.

We manage the payroll of your company, social insurance, registration and deregistration social security, prepare contracts, settlements, layoffs, ERE’s.

Thanks to this service, your company can focus its efforts on the core business, delegating certain non-strategic areas and functionalities and thus releasing resources that can be devoted to basic aspects of the company.

Business lawyers, legal services, commercial and corporate law, scheduled estate succession, civil, criminal and administrative law, international law, corporate compliance, corporate operations.


CE Consulting Empresarial offers, along with tax, labor, accounting and legal advisory services, other specialized services, such as international consulting or CE Audit.

Our concept of advice goes far beyond facilitating compliance with legal and tax obligations. We know that our clients need guarantees of confidentiality, privacy and data protection, as well as the support of their advisor with regard to key factors in the strategy of their business: patents, transfers, sale and valuation of intangibles. Our firm also helps you reach strategic alliances with suppliers and partners. Finally, we advise on such important aspects as those related to financing formulas, venture capital and the expansion of the company (nationally and internationally).

Personnel selection. Human resources consultancy. Study, design and implementation of remuneration policies. Head hunting. Outplacement programs.

Advisory services and audit of annual accounts and other financial statements or accounting documents. Audit work on annual accounts or other financial statements or accounting documents of entities that are part of the public sector.

Our corporate finance consultancy offers the client consulting and advisory services in corporate operations, such as the purchase and sale of companies, backed by professionals with a solid sector knowledge.

Do you want to commercially establish abroad? We offer advisory and consultancy to help our clients throughout all stages of their internationalization process.

From the Creative Agency, we will work with you to increase visibility and make your company commercially attractive through online marketing, graphic design, making your website more commercial and interactive, SEO or SEM positioning, copywriting (a good copywriting and commercial redaction is basic!), social networks, audiovisual advertising and the strategy to coordinate everything. Oh, and if you want creativity, we have plenty for you!

CE Executive Support XXI century is a new service created to support small and medium size enterprises in their growth, expansion and profitability.

We have partnerships and collaborate with top-level companies that cover areas as diverse as:

  • Implementation of quality systems
  • Prevention of occupational hazards.
  • Financial services.
  • Renting of vehicles.
  • Consultancy and audit in data protection.


From CE Consulting Empresarial we want to offer you a 360º service as a complement to legal advice and consultancy to your company, in order to help you in its development by implementing services and products that can make it more competitive. All this through proposals based on development, savings, digitization and compliance with legal regulationsamong others.

We have the best partners efficiently combining high quality and competitive prices.

Advantages for you:

– Comprehensive advice from your advisor
– Real-time communication and agility in any procedure
– Direct and personalized treatment
– Professionals from all sectors under the same structure
– Sufficient resources to respond to any need
– The most competitive market prices

  • Adaptation to the RGPD
  • Prevention of occupational hazards
  • Compliance
  • Insurance
  • Prevention of money laundering
  • Cybersecurity
  • Technological solutions
  • Document management
  • Cloud
  • Management software
  • Accounting automation
  • Subsidized training
  • ISO Certifications
  • Energy efficiency
  • Automotive procedures
  • Renting of vehicles
  • Real estate services
  • Valuations
  • Certified notifications
  • Architectural projects and maintenance
  • Non-bank financing
  • Commercial reports
  • Internalization of enterprises